Chris Bosh is the Only Consolation to us After LeBron’s Second Title


Welp, pure evil won out again in the end.

We may have held out hope that the goodness of Tim Duncan’s old guard Spurs would overcome the villainy of South Beach, but in the end it was just a fool’s hope. The arrogance and douchebaggery that permeates from LeBron James did not cause enough bad karma to overcome his talent. Now one of the most easily hatable people in sports has his second championship.

Well fuck him. We’re talking about a guy who won’t sign an autograph for a kid in a wheelchair. This is the same dude who deliberately screws around with minimum wage ball boys, and who likes to point out that he is richer than the average NBA fan. Congrats, do you even read bro?

We can at least be happy that Chris Bosh is still around to put a smile on our faces. Sometimes, all it takes is to have someone eat a little confetti to make the pain of LeBron’s personal happiness stop haunting us.