How Could You Not Want an Overpriced Tim Tebow Fathead?!

Tebow’s career may have been spit on, rammed into the curb, and brutally beaten by the three-ring Jets, but it barely lost it’s market value. If you’re like the thousand other drooling Tebow fans clinging to their lawn chairs, waiting for Tebow to run wild, here’s your chance for half the price!… (or $47.90 more than it’s worth)


This life-size poster (it’s called a Fathead damnit!) is sure to have you in punt formation, like a battleship stripped for action, eagerly ready to do absolutely nothing.

With reviews like “A true action shot!” and “Tebow was perfect for my boys’ bedroom wall,” this poster is a bigger fraud then Ashley Simpson. Tebow’s most productive play is now taking a steaming dump on supply and demand…