2013 NBA Draft: Results and Rapture-triggering Reactions

Hours after the 2013 NBA Draft reached a brutal end, in-house scout Superb Sperb was rapidly reacting…rapidly. After making the world’s most beloved mock draft, the draft whisperer is here to cap it off with analysis and grades. First, let’s thank Shane Battier for this journalistic gem…

No. 1: Cleveland Cavaliers: SF Anthony Bennett, UNLV

Anthony Bennett is a moose. Jay Bilas described him as a “skilled forward”. Bennett can obviously score and stretch the floor, but I think he has major issues on the defensive end and I thought the Cavs could have plugged up the wing position via Free Agency. Obviously they thought that Noel’s knee did not check out and that Bennett was more of a sure thing, though if I am the Cavs I would have traded back and taken Anthony Bennett later. I do not think his scoring is so prolific that it justifies him being a number 1 pick.

Grade: C-

No. 2: Orlando Magic: SG Victor Oladipio, Indiana

I like Michael Carter-Williams here but Oladipio is definitely a good piece here especially for a rebuilding team. The Magic are going to look to swing Aaron Afflalo for more assets to jumpstart this whole rebuilding effort. I think this pick is safe and makes sense.

Grade B+

No. 3: Washington Wizards: SF Otto Porter, Georgetown

This makes sense on all levels (even the housing works out!). When I played GM a few days ago I agreed with the Wizards. A Porter-Beal-Wall trio and the pieces they can fill in with cap space could put the Wizards in position to make a playoff push next season.

Grade A

No. 4: Charlotte Bobcats: PF Cody Zeller, Indiana

I do not think anybody could feel worse than Nerlens Noel feels right now (unless you’re somebody getting drafted by the New York Jets). The Bobcats have once again proved they are inept at drafting. Cody Zeller over Nerlens Noel? Really?? I like Cody Zeller, but he is not better then Noel or Alex Len. It seems the Bobcats once again go for the flashiest player. Not to say Cody Zeller is not going to become a good pro, as he could develop into a nice scorer. However, I think the ball stops there and I believe he certainly will not live up to his No. 4 pick potential. Ben McLemore, Alex Len, Nerlans Noel all made more sense here.

Grade: D-

No. 5: Phoenix Suns: C Alex Len, Maryland

Wow. “Nerlens Noel’s knee must really not check out” was my immediate reaction. However, I like Len’s upside and if you’re the Suns and you think Len is safer then Noel this pick makes sense I guess. I probably would have gone with McLemore but they clearly desired a big man.

Grade: B

No. 6: New Orleans Pelicans: C Nerlens Noel, Kentucky

I love this pick. The Pelicans are going to have one of the best defenses’ in the NBA for years to come. Sure Ben McLemore could have added offense, but Eric Gordon is a proven scorer and the Pelicans committed long term to him last summer and Greivis Vasquez and Austin Rivers are nice guards (assuming Rivers bounces back from the worst rookie season ever). The ‘Cans can find a wing player in free agency but Dell Demps will sleep like a baby tonight knowing his rim will be protected for years to come. Get ready for millions of “Block Party” shirts with Anthony Davis and Nerlens Noel featured.

Grade A+

*Update: Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that the New Orleans Pelicans have traded Nerlens Noel and a future pick to the 76ers for Jrue Holiday. I like this trade for New Orleans, as Jrue Holiday is a franchise point guard and now has the Pelicans looking for playoff contention next season. I love this trade for the Pelicans. For the 76ers you just had Andrew Bynum with a horrible knee injury and now Noel is coming to town with similar issues. This is a little dramatic I understand, but Jrue Holiday is only 23 and you have cap space and the 13th pick. I guess if you’re in full rebuilding mode, Noel is a nice place to start……………but so is Jrue Holiday.

Grade for Pelicans: A+

Grade for 76ers: C-

No. 7: Sacramento Kings: SG Ben McLemore, Kansas

Ben McLemore is an explosive athlete that can flat out score. I wanted the Kings to take a selfless player, but McLemore’s talent is too much to pass on – he has all-star potiential. The core featuring McLemore, Patrick Patterson, and DeMarcus Cousins looks bright. I think the Kings are on the upswing, though they just need to put the pieces around these two players and have the players continue to develop.

Grade: B

No. 8: Detroit Pistons: SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Georgia

I like KCP and I like how the Pistons are standing firm with Brandon Knight at point guard, as he never really got a fair shot. KCP is an athletic freak who can shoot the ball and should fill in nicely at shooting guard. Burke and Knight did not fit together. The Pistons have a nice young nucleaus.

Grade: B+

No. 9: Minnesota Timberwolves: SG Trey Burke, Michigan

I predicted this pick so I like it obviously. I think it makes a lot of sense and a Rubio/Burke tandem will be great for years to come.

Grade: A

*Update: This pick has been traded to Utah for picks 14 and 21. Grade will be reposted for Timberwolves later. For the Jazz they spice things up and take Burke who can slip right in with Alec Burks and Gordon Hayward. I like this backcourt and like how they did not talk themselves into Dennis Schroeder.

Grade: A

No. 10: Utah Jazz: SG CJ McCollum, Lehigh

I predicted this as well so I do think it will work out. CJ McCollum and Damien Lillard can be a dynamic backcourt in this league.

Grade: A-

No. 11: Philadelphia 76ers: PG Michael Carter-Williams, Syracuse

If MCW works out like I think he will this pick is a steal and Noel and MCW should make 76er fans forget about Jrue Holiday. However, MCW might turn into Shaun Livingston so you definitely have to weigh your pros and cons. The 76ers will be back in this draft lottery next year with a stacked class and a chance to continue their stellar rebuilding process.

Grade: B+

No. 12: Oklahoma City: C Steven Adams, Pittsburgh

I REALLY wanted Shabazz Muhammad to go to OKC, like REALLY badly. The Thunder got a Center who they can wait on (he is going to need years to develop). Adams has a huge upside and the Thunder can afford to wait, but I really thought they could have used a spark off the bench. Although, they might already have that guy in Jeremy Lamb. All I know is I would rather have James Harden then Jeremy Lamb, Kevin Martin and Steven Adams…………..moving on.

Grade: C

No. 13: Dallas Mavericks: Pick traded to the Celtics for two future second rounders and the 16th pick.

The Mavericks were looking to clear cap space so not adding a rookie to the cap makes sense and they fall back only 3 picks and pick up 2 future second rounder’s.

Grade B

Boston Celtics: C Kelly Olynyk, Gonzaga

They must be really hot for Kelly Olynyk I think he would have been there at 16. Olynyk is a dominant post player who has offensive gifts. I think he will be alright in the NBA but he needs a center who can protect the rim (Fab Melo). They also have Jared Sullinger so I don’t know where the Celtics piece all these bigs together. I would have gone Shabazz Muhammad.

Grade: D+

No. 14: Minnesota Timberwolves (via Utah Jazz): SF Shabazz Muhammad, UCLA

I like this pick, as the Timberwolves get a scoring machine to compliment Kevin Love and have a team that on paper might actually contend next season. With the 21st pick the Wolves can add even more fuel to their fire. I am excited to watch the Timberwolves for the first time since…well Latrell Sprewell was in town!

Grade: A+

No. 15: Milwaukee Bucks: SF Giannis Antetokounmpo, Greece

WOW! The Greek Freak. This kid is not even going to play for the Bucks next season and yet they still rolled the dice on him when he might just become the 2nd coming of wait for it…..Luc Richard I don’t remember you name Moute. I think the Bucks lost here. They could have gone point guard (Schroeder or Larkin) or more-polished forwards (Sergay Karasev or Tony Mitchell)… this pick simply does not make sense. Did Matt Millen hijack the Bucks’ war room?

Grade: F

No. 16: This pick has been traded…again. The Mavericks have sent the 16th pick and Jared Cunningham to the Hawks for the 18th pick and their second-round pick.

The Mavs just do not want to draft unless the player’s name is Dwight Howard.

Grade C

Atlanta Hawks: C Lucas Nogueira, Brazil

I have never been really high on Nogueria, who is a Euro-Stash player for a team that’s looking to spend money this offseason. This pick bores me.

Grade: C

No. 17: Atlanta Hawks: PG Dennis Schroeder, Germany

The Hawks might lose Jeff Teague in free agency so this pick makes sense. Schroeder is oozing with potential and has even drawn Rajon Rondo comparisons. Like Rondo, however, Schroeder will need a few years to develop.

Grade: B-

No. 18: Dallas Mavericks: PG Shane Larkin, Miami

NO! I really, really, really, really, really wanted Shane Larkin to go to the Knicks. I have an affinity for Larkin, as I think he is going to be a potent guard in this league and a potential steal at 18. The Mavericks were in flux at point guard and Larkin and Darren Collison can become a dynamic tandem.

Grade: A-

No. 19: Cleveland Cavilers: SF Sergey Karasev, Russia

This pick is a steal. Karasev can score the ball and the Cavs had a glaring need at the Small Forward position. The Cavs might have struck out on their first pick (too soon?), but I like this pick a lot.

Grade: A-

No. 2o: Chicago Bulls: SF Tony Snell, New Mexico

I really did not want the Knicks to take Snell (I am biased), but I think he is a nice fit for the Bulls. He hustles and does the nitty gritty things, which is the type of players the Bulls like to take. I think Snell can turn into a fan favorite (like Kenneth Faried), as he hustles his ass off and took an unknown team from New Mexico to a 3 seed in the tournament. Sold.

Grade: B

No. 21: Minnesota Timberwolves (from Utah): C Gorgui Dieng, Lousiville

I said in my mock draft that the Wolves would take Jeff Whitney because he was a more polished player. However, Dieng has much more upside then Whitney so I did enjoy this pick more. Dieng can be a force on the defensive end and can develop into at the very least a Birdman-type player (minus the tattoos).

Grade: A-

No. 22: Brooklyn Nets: C Mason Plumlee, Duke

I am not a fan of the Plumlees, who all have a boatload of potential but seem unfit for the NBA game. I think the Nets would have been better suited with Jeff Whitney, who can contribute right away (they’re clearly in win-now mode), over a project like Plumlee.

Grade: C-

No. 23: Indiana Pacers: SF Solomon Hill, Arizona

Solomon Hill is a proven leader and can easily become a fan favorite, most importantly though he can contribute right away for a contending Pacers. However, I would have taken Reggie Bullock or Tim Hardaway Jr., both of whom ranked better then Hill.

Grade: C

No. 24: New York Knicks: SG Tim Hardaway Jr., Michigan

Wait for it…………………I LOVE THIS PICK!!!!!! Tim Hardaway is tough as nails and can score. He can help this Knicks team right away by scoring and defending. I think he has the intangibles to start in this league. Yes he can be inconsistent but he is a Rookie and can certainly grow. I am not even using my Knicks-fan bias when I say Tim Hardaway Jr. is going to be a stud.

Grade: A

No. 25: Los Angeles Clippers: SF Reggie Bullock, North Carolina

Reggie Bullock can stroke the 3 and should contribute greatly off the bench with sweet shooting Jamal Crawford. I think he can definitely turn into Kyle Korver or Danny Green, key players on a contending team.

Grade: A-

No. 26: Oklahoma City Thunder (trade): PF Andre Roberson, Colorado

I thought Alan Crabbe was the surefire selection here. The Thunder, especially with the Steven Adams addition, seem stacked at bigs and I think are still looking for a bench scoring guard. Andre Roberson is a terrific rebounder and very athletic so he can certainly provide energy off the bench for the Thunder.

Grade: C

No. 27: Utah Jazz (from Denver): C Rudy Gobert, France

Rudy Gobert is a polished offensive Center who should provide insurance in case Enes Kanter and/or Derrick Favors do not pan out as starters.

Grade: B+

No. 28: San Antonio Spurs: SF Livio Jean-Charles, France

The Spurs are going to most likely stash this pick away and let him develop. The Spurs have notoriously been great at doing this with players (see Manu Ginobli, Tiago Splitter, Patrick Mills, and Gary Neal), so I do not doubt this pick or legendary basketball mind R.C Buford.

Grade: B-

No. 29: Phoenix Suns: SG Archie Goodwin, Kentucky

I think Archie Goodwin has a lot of potential. I compare him to Josh Selby, who was also a high school phenom that entered the draft too early. I think with a little seasoning Goodwin can be a solid player in this league, though he is likely going to have to pay his dues in the D-League first.

Grade: B

No. 30: Golden State Warriors (trade): PG Nemanja Nedovic, Serbia

Ah, the sound of the first round ending. This pick does not make any sense at all… they should have drafted Isaiah Canaan, who is much more polished and doesn’t have to be stashed in Europe. I do not understand the Warriors’ tactics here.

Grade: D

And here’s David Stern’s last draft pick…the end of a strange 30-year era.