2013 NBA Free Agency: Elton Brand Somehow Interested in Signing With Knicks?

Is there something we don’t know? Have years of frustratingly misguided team management gone unnoticed by the rest of the league?!

Apparently former first-overall pick Elton Brand hasn’t taken notice, per the above 140-letter rumor. Look, I love my Knicks more than any lion loves a deer carcus, but this team has been a hardwood mockery since Hall-of-Fame point guard turned GM-failure Isiah Thomas first stepped foot in MSG back in ’03. Sure the team has improved significantly; but barely escaping the first-round and getting flattened in the second wasn’t quite what we had in mind for Melo and co.

Can the forgotten Brand be the 34-year-old missing piece on a questionable Knicks squad? If history has taught me anything, he’ll tear his ACL signing the contract and score more splinters than buckets.

Or maybe if we’re lucky, he’ll actually play and get dunked on…