From Butt Fumble to Butt of All Jokes, The Story of New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez

While only temporarily a useless benchwarmer with the three-ring Jets, former “gunslinger” Erik Ainge learned plenty about the team’s starting quarterback…

“He’s dumb about it. He’s stupid while being stupid. You have to be smart while being stupid, and he’s dumb while being dumb. Look at the butt video. He needs someone he trusts there when Mark wants to go streaking through his own condo.” (via SI)


Courtesy of Google images

So much for bro code. Though in case you missed it, while on vacation last week Sanchez was videotaped doing the no-pants dance by some talented photographers doubling as typical groupies. Naturally, it reached the Vinesphere as well. Ah, just what Jets fans want to hear during their club’s remix of the Great Depression, Sanchez partying like LMFAO’s posse. PERFECT.

Did I forget to mention his notorious butt fumble was immortalized in silent-movie form? Yeah, that happened…

But hey, for once at least, a Jets player puts his name on Sanchez-based filth. Regardless, the fading quarterback continues to float like a butterfly and sting the NY media like a pantsless bee all the way to the bank. Seriously, what have I done lately?