2013 NFL Logo Changes: The New England Patriots Fail Miserably

The New England Patriot’s find themselves in the news once again. This time – its not related to the over-the-top antics of the Gronkster or the criminal mastermind of Aaron Hernandez… or maybe it is.

A new logo surfaced earlier this month, July 3rd to be exact, for the storied franchise and like Hernandez’s recent troubles with the law, the team should be punished for their new logo. Fireworks wasn’t all that this celebration lacked… (below: old logo on the left, new logo on the right)

The logo’s lettering has changed drastically. The classic script in their name, vanished. Now all we have is cliche bold lettering with the sharp sides all set on a terrible warp.

And where has the Patriots’ “Flying Elvis” head gone? It’s still there but, almost entirely overpowered by its mundane counterpart. Coming from a team that has hoodie-superstar Bill Belichick as its coach, I would expect the end result to be far superior to a poor man’s anal bead… with such a distinguished owner, I would have thought the logo would have been a bit Kraft-ier. Oh yeah.

Instead, a team that has loving fans…

Photo credit: boston.com

Photo credit: boston.com

A frustratingly unrattlable quarterback…

Photo credit: Google images

Photo credit: Google images

And plenty of faith…

All for a crap design team with no creativity and no rebels. For shame…