NBA Free Agent Nate Robinson: Where He’ll Sign in 2013


… Anywhere you want apparently! Still a free agent and more desperate for a team than Mark Sanchez is to get off the field, feisty 5’9″ Nate Robinson is now signing anything he can get his hands on, including your spawn. So grab those clipboards, NBA GMs everywhere, and jot down some numbers. Any offers will be considered!

 photo sanchez-new-role-12-2-12_zpse1ee3502.gif

Speaking of Mr. Hot Dog himself, the Sanchize is perhaps the most desperate individual gracing the gridiron. To get out of the damn pocket of course…

 photo sanchez-kick1-10-21-12_zps8680ce6b.gif

And to keep his pretty face intact…

Somehow we begin our afternoon meal with basketball chatter and cap it off with frustrating expectations of pure Mark Sanchez failure. How typical. Is this just another vomit-green season down the always green drain before it starts? Hell no, says us hopeful yet harshly realistic and abusive Jets fans. 

Hell yes, says business-minded retailers…

And if Nasty Nate never signs?! Oh well, at least he’s got his kicks…