Field of Dreams: 9 Reasons Everyone Loves Baseball

Some see the sport of pine-and-ball as boring, tireless, and full of peanuts-and-crackerjack crap. Others call it the American Dream. But baseball is far more than just the slowest of the four major sports and simultaneously a societal tradition. Baseball is the definition of imperfect, even while constantly scratching the edge of perfect. It’s truly the only field where failure is the norm.

Yet how do you engage a world full of young hipster wannabes looking for explosive highlights and instantly-gratifying scores?! Well, it seems Major League Baseball has found the way to attract a new-age audience. Through a combination of crude jokes, unexpected follies, mundane-yet-iconic announcing, and overly exaggerated brawls, professional baseball has subtly become cliched America’s wacky, diamond-shaped underbelly. Let’s review 9 reasons why, one for each inning (see what we did there?)…

1. Attention to Detail

The essence of professionalism, few stay within the lines better than MLB linesmen. Just don’t call them the next Ink Masters.

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2. The Maturity of the Game

Still just kids with sticks and balls (huh?)

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3. ESPN’s Obvious Disinterest in the Sport of Baseball

Unless it’s Tebow-related, ESPN is bound to screw it up.

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4. The Hilariously Atrocious “Brawls”

Ever heard of hockey, the NHL, the Good Friday Massacre? Didn’t think so.

5. The Awkwardly Painful Injuries in a Non-Contact Sport

Ouch. At least Tim Hudson wasn’t Geoff Jenkins, circa 2002.

 photo hudson-gif_zps64c05c29.gif

6. The Undeniable Animal Activism Displayed on a Daily Basis 


7. New York Mets Fans

8. How Weird First Pitches Can Be 

Literally, there are no limits.

9. Matt Harvey

Enough said.


Only in baseball is the unexpected truly expected…