5 Reasons Jon Gruden is the NFL’s Most Beloved Character

The half-man, half-savage approach has always worked for fiery play-caller Jon Gruden. 100 career wins, a Lombardi trophy, and an awkward ESPN special dedicated to him certainly sounds like quite the NFL finish, though when we look back we’re still more enamored with Gruden’s stunning ability to never stop screaming than we are with his presence on the field.

Colloquially known as Charles Lee Ray’s more-successful twin brother, Gruden has always been a balls-to-the-wall, spit-in-your-face coach with an honest love for gritty, old-school football. But since his yippy-kaye days with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gruden has taken a calm step back as a commentator/analyst/seat-warmer for ESPN, constantly enlightening us with riveting video recaps and strangely confident comments about anything he damn pleases. The man is, simply put, fearless…

The youngest coach ever to win the Super Bowl, Gruden has always had a unique fire on the field. His flame ignited the likes of Warren Sapp, Grady Jackson, and even ex-QB Ron “Jaws” Jaworski (on live television!). His rapture-triggering intensity has sparked wars, by god the man is a legend… a legend in Looneyville.

Let’s begin with a bitter taste of the gridiron mania before we toss you into Gruden’s fiery pit of gridiron glory…

1. He’s Literally Insane?

Gruden constantly makes questionable statements that we eventually feel forced to believe. His ability to convince us is nearly admirable..

2. Brutal Honesty…

Reeking of confidence, Gruden never strays from his roots. Groomed in the art of professional football, Gruden continues to feed young prospects the cold, hard truth about life on the professional gridiron.

3. A Remarkably Passionate Nature

His love for football is contagious, almost deadly..

4. His Baffling Attempts at Bro-ness

His rebellious, yet childish nature. Yes, he’s still learning the so-called “high five.”

 photo jon-gruden-fist-pound-fail_zps5e08d878.gif

5. His Spoken Word

But man, he gives one helluva speech…

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