5 Reasons We Still Want to Be Like Mike!

Michael Jordan. A name that even the youngest generation of kids know without ever having seen him play. He is still contested as the best ball player to put two feet on a court and will always be the clutch shooting, two-time three-peat king that all new NBA all-stars get compared to. But let’s be serious, Michael Jordan is more than a man, more than a hero – he’s a legend.

When Jordan was in his prime, everyone knew he was a walking, dribbling, flying legend, so everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, wanted to be like Mike. It’s been over 20 years since Gatorade aired their famous ‘Be Like Mike’ campaign, but the fact is we still want to be like Mike years later.

1. Jam – His Airness Teamed Up With The King of Pop

The two greatest MJs to grace the earth teamed up in one place at one time. The result? Only the best basketball/dance based music video of all time. Oh and Jordan does the classic Jackson crotch grab – it doesn’t get much better.

2. He Saved a Cartoon Race

The Looney Tunes would be non-existent without Michael Jordan. No more, “What’s up, Doc” or spitting lisp of Daffy Duck. Basically MJ saved our childhoods with that arm-stretching dunk from half court while the Monstars hack attacked him. And One! Count it.

3. The Air Jordan Shoe Collection



Michael Jordan’s sneakers alone changed a generation. Those shoes determined your status, determined whether you were a serious ball player, they even made you fly. Recently popular Macklemore wrote a whole song (‘Wings’) about the glory of those illustrious kicks in which he yells, “I wanted to be like Mike! I wanted to be him! I wanted to be that guy. I wanted to touch the rim.” And we still break out bank for those damn shoes buying them at over $100 a pair.

4. Golfing For Good

Jordan Golf

Jordan golfs recreationally, but he also does it for a plethora of charity events regularly. Years after his career is over, he is still giving back by playing sports. Plus, who else can pull off these plaid golf pants, and still be respected as one of the greatest athletes to ever live? Now THAT’s impressive.

5. “I’m Back.”

The guy retired his number from the game that made him a legend to join the baseball minor leagues, only to return to the game with a two word press release – “I’m Back.”

And don’t doubt the 50 year old in his aged state, he can toss it down…