2013 NFL Suckfest: Jacksonville Jaguars Should Rethink Tim Tebow Snub

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After watching the Jacksonville Jaguars play in a half-empty stadium in the regular-season opener and score two points… yes that’s right TWO points… against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, one has to wonder why they have not called Tim Tebow.

Yes, we know Tebow cannot stand in the pocket and read a defense. Yes, we know his passes down the field are liable to end up anywhere. It does not matter at this point. This franchise isn’t just sinking, it is crashing down to earth at Mach III. They are an 0-16 team waiting to happen. They drafted a quarterback two seasons ago in Blaine Gabbert that we can all agree was a bust. They gave up six sacks in the opener.  Their only points came on a blocked punt in the first quarter and in true Jag fashion, the ball scooted out the back, turning a potential 7-0 lead into a 2-0 lead.

So this begs the question, Jacksonville… what do you have to lose?

If you scrap the offense, install a spread and bring in Tebow, the worst he can do is go 0-16. You’re headed that way anyway. But with Tebow, every NFL eye will be watching and there will be twice as many butts in the seats. Tim is so revered in Jacksonville that the fans there might actually be happy with an 0-16 season if he was the quarterback.

Let’s look at some facts here:

1. Tebow has a record of 9-7 as a starting quarterback. That record was achieved taking over a 3-10 team in his rookie year and 1-4 in his second year. How many quarterbacks would love to have that record? If you asked Cam Newton if he would take 9-7 this year, he would say ‘Hell, Yeah!” He has yet to finish even 8-8 in a season.

2. Your team sucks. And your fans would rather do anything else other than watch them. They don’t buy tickets. They don’t watch on TV. Tebow is a guaranteed draw. So wouldn’t you rather lose in a full stadium in front of cheering fans? Wouldn’t you rather sell some t-shirts and jerseys?

3. There are several teams running a spread-type offense with a running quarterback and finding success. Colin Kaepernick ran the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl a year ago. Russell Wilson took a struggling Seattle Seahawks franchise to the playoffs. The Washington Redskins went to the playoffs with Robert Griffin III. So obviously the read-option offense has been successful. Who ran that offense better than Tebow?

4. There is likely no better leader in the game than Tebow. The Jags may not win with him, but they will fight to the final whistle. That’s a lot more than they do now.

Even if you install the spread, put Tebow in, and he never wins a game, at least your fans will know you gave it a shot. Right now, Jaguars fans are thinking the team will not call Tebow out of spite. Jags fans, and maybe rightfully so, are under the impression the team would rather crash and burn and wind up in Los Angeles than admit they should have drafted Tebow in the first place. Every day he is available and every week the team looks pathetic, or worse, apathetic, the more fans are convinced the Jags would rather lose without Tebow than win with him. Nobody is going to support a team with that attitude.

James Folsom is a regular contributor at http://www.bettingsports.com

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