Guest Blogging Opportunities at JockStrap Journal

Dear Sports Bloggers,

Jockstrap Journal is seeking sports blog articles for guest submission. There are no limits to guest blogging opportunities, and based on the quality of submissions, you could be asked to become a permanent contributor for us as well.

If you haven’t already (why are you reading this first anyway?) Poke around the site and get a sense of the sports stuff (NFL, MLB, NBA) and comedy related topics Jockstrap Journal covers. Why post for us? Because we like to have people reading our stuff, and we work at it. Know what that means for you? People will see your writing. Exposure city!

If you’re interested in becoming a full  contributor, send us a short bio (longer isn’t better), and a writing sample. We’re not expecting Chappelle-level genius here…but try to be entertaining where possible.

These are the only required guidelines for all submissions: (Please submit to

1)   At least 250+ words

2)   The article can be about anything, but must contain at least two of the following; funny elements, sports related elements or angry sports related rants. No extreme racism (Riley Cooper) please.

3)   Must be grammatically correct

4)   We want your submissions like this guy wanted you to watch Preseason NFL…

*Accepted submission can be used on Jockstrap Journal.