2014 NFL Draft: Jacksonville Jaguars Are Already on the Clock

Yes, I know there are a boatload of 0-2 teams in the NFL, but the Jacksonville Jaguars are clearly going to get the top pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. This team is awful. They are so bad that TV stations are apologizing to fans for even showing their games. They lost on opening week 28-2. Seriously, who scores two points in a football game?

On Sunday against the Oakland Raiders they mustered three points until late in the fourth quarter. They have no ground game. They have no passing game. Their offensive line is wretched despite drafting No. 2 in this year’s draft and taking Texas A&M tackle Luke Joeckel. The Jags have been picking high in the draft for several years now. But watch them play, it doesn’t show.

Supposedly, they have some speedy new toys with rookies like Ace Sanders and Denard Robinson. But since the quarterbacks are terrible (Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne) and even-more-brutally have no time to throw, the wide receivers don’t matter.

The defense is not very good either, mustering almost no pass rush. Their secondary is also extremely young. Their linebackers, however, are decent. But overall, this team looks like an expansion club from the 1970s. Against the Raiders they managed to make a big stop on a third-down play when one of the lineman lined up offsides and gave Oakland the ball back. They could hardly go two plays in a row without a penalty.

Fans are naturally clamoring for them to sign Tim Tebow. While that may not be a bad idea for selling tickets for the remainder of this year, what the Jaguars need to do is start thinking about picking a quarterback in the draft. The question is, are there any franchise quarterbacks coming out of college football this year? Is Aaron Murray, Tajh Boyd or Teddy Bridgewater worthy of the No. 1 pick? I still think Johnny Manziel is the best quarterback in college football. To carve up Alabama like he’s done the last two years is impressive. But Johnny Football is a risky pick, certainly not one you can waste the top pick on.


One to keep an eye on is Derek Carr out of Fresno State. David Carr’s younger brother is quite a stud at QB. But David was too at Cal State Fresno. He then flamed out in the NFL. But these are the guys the Jaguars need to be paying attention to because this teams is in desperate need of a quarterback. From what I’ve witnessed from this offense so far, 0-16 is a real possibility.

They might as well bring Tebow in. He sure can’t make them any worse.

James is a regular contributor to www.bettingsports.com