Here’s The Most Epic Pee Wee Football Quarterback TD Run You’ll Ever Watch

Today, we have the pleasure of seeing 3 Madden stats in action with textbook examples straight from the TM vs. Ariton pee-wee football game on September 7th. This young gunslinger shows off scrambling skills that Tim Tebow and Cam Newton can only dream about dreaming of. In this clip, he shows off excellent moves on a brilliant touchdown run that undoubtedly tore apart the football dreams of various members of the opposing teams’ defensive line, linebacking corps and secondary.

Lets take a deeper look at the run…

3 Madden Stats Explained: Trucking, Juke, Stiff Arm

1) Trucking – 100/100

Sorry dad, but that pathetic excuse for a defensive player, No. 11, will be lucky enough to have his testicles drop, let alone one day get a college scholarship. At the 0:14 second mark, we see Number 23’s trucking ability in full form. He lowers his shoulder and sends number 11 soaring. Keep your eye on him; he manages to come to his knees (something he will likely need to get used to) and inherit a look of dejection that only Eli Manning can relate to. Meanwhile, our young QB continues to charge on, where he displays his next skill.

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2) Juke Move – 94/100

After out-running practically the whole defense, he has just two players left to beat. The first one on his hit list, unlucky No. 9. One quick juke to his left at the 0:18 second mark, and number 9 goes diving out of bounds. At least only his ankles are broken and not his dreams of eventually reaching manhood. This juke is something even LeSean McCoy would be proud of, and this little kid is whiter than the show Seventh Heaven. But, despite these two thrilling moves, he still has one kid left to beat.

3) Stiff Arm – 99/100

Clearly a teenager among prepubescent children, this stiff arm just two seconds later, at the 20-second mark, sends another hapless defender to the ground. This time, struggling to find meaning in the unforgiving wasteland known as his hopes and dreams. After this glorious stiff arm, his path to the end zone is unimpeded, and 7 points are all but a foregone conclusion.

We should all be thankful this play stood, cause there is a clear, unnecessary roughness penalty on No. 14 of the offense, as he lays out No. 51 well after he was out of the play. But hey, after watching your QB lay out 3 people, I can understand wanting to get in on the action.


We’d love to see any videos you have of athletes ruining the lives of hopeless defenders…