NFL 2013 Week 4’s Most Depressing Team – Jaguars or Giants?

In the 3rd round of the 2012 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars used pick number 7 on Punter Bryan Anger. A scant few minutes later, the Seattle Seahawks used pick number 12 of that round to select quarterback Russell Wilson.

The city of Jacksonville remains on suicide watch in wake of the incident.

Since then, Jaguars fans have discovered that they have something in common with Robert Andino of the Baltimore Orioles.


As horrendous as the Jaguars are, at least this is a team we EXPECTED to be fighting for the first overall pick. The New York Giants on the other hand, are about as disappointing and depressing as a professional team has any right to be. We didn’t ask for a Super Bowl appearance in the home stadium this year, but maybe a better record than the Cleveland Browns wouldn’t be so bad.

The Giants were expected to at least contend for their sub-par division, not have Onion articles written about their piece of shit season. Between Hakeem Nicks’ disappearance, the O-line playing like drunk high school freshmen and the defense looking like it doesn’t belong in the Arena Football League, Giants fans essentially have nothing to look forward to right now. Barring a miracle, this is looking like potentially the worst Giants season of the Eli Manning era.

Sports fanhood represents a dark corner of the human mind. We NEED our favorite sports teams to perform well, because when they suck, they can turn your hopes and dreams into a pool of fervid shit. Every now and then, things get so bad that fans start to give up hope completely, become fan orphans, and stop caring altogether. In  rare cases, they start doing things like dunking their heads in piss for cash, just to escape the misery for a few brief moments. .

Between the Tebow-rallying Jaguars and the seemingly talent-less Giants, we have an avalanche of depressing nonsense every NFL\ Sunday that doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon.