These 2 Photographs Perfectly Define the New York Giants This Season…

A potentially exciting Thursday night showdown between the Chicago Bears and pussified Giants quickly and expectedly turned into a thorough beatdown thanks to the gentle touch of Eli’s post-interception shoulder shrug and his “Oh shucks” highlight reel. Among the collection of iconic g-men pics flowering the internet with their supposed honor are two gems that purely define how all Giants fans feel during this torrential downpour of a season. And it’s how the rest of us feel when we’re briskly losing brain cells just by staring at the drooling, shoulder-shrugging mediocrity currently gracing the New Jersey gridiron.

Ironically, the first picture isn’t even 2013-based though it perfectly defines the potent lack of awareness of this secondary. Even with the return of corner Terrell Thomas, the Big Blue secondary looks more comfortable hugging the sideline bench than smacking a wideout. 

Next we visit a legend, a pioneer on the blind side of the field. His cozy expression only confirms our belief that the current Giants are simply too atrocious for speech.