NFL State of Florida Teams Rotting on the Beach

College football is king in the state of Florida. Fall Saturdays in Florida are almost holidays with packed parking lots full of tailgating and rabid fans dressed in school colors. The rest of the year is spent bragging about your favorite school and talking trash about the others. The NFL? Nobody really cares. And who can blame the fans of Florida for feeling this way? Look at the three teams in the state from the NFL.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars are three of the most putrid teams in professional sports. So far this season which is now seven week old, these three have a total of three wins combined. Yes, that’s right, THREE wins among three teams. What is worse is all three are from the Dolphins who started 3-0 and are now 3-3. But, even at 3-1 the fifth game was at home against the defending Super Bowl champions, the Baltimore Ravens. You’d think that would draw a crowd, right? Wrong. The place was at least half-empty.

The fans are not stupid. They know not to trust a modest three game win streak. It turns out they were right. The Dolphins lost that game and then another to the lowly Buffalo Bills, also at home in a game they should have won to fall to 3-3. But these guys are a juggernaut compares to the other two Florida teams.

The Bucs and Jaguars are both working on becoming the first two teams from the same state to finish a combined 0-32. Neither of these teams can give a ticket away. They’ve both sent their opening day starting quarterbacks, which both wasted first round draft picks on, either to the bench (Blaine Gabbert) or to the Minnesota Vikings (Josh Freeman).

The Jaguars have had two owners and three head coaches in the last three seasons. This franchise which started in the mid-1990s with such promise has morphed into a joke so rotten that there is no longer talk of them relocating anymore. Nobody wants them. We are seven game into the season and they can count their touchdowns so far on their fingers and still have some left over. They won two games last year which seemed like the worst year possible. This team makes last year’s 2-14 record seem like a pipe dream.

Tampa Bay is such a train wreck it looks like their second year coach Greg Schiano may not finish this week. Not only have they not won a game, but they have players getting staph infections because they apparently can’t find a cleaning staff that knows how to do their job either. Then there is the rumors that Schiano leaked confidential info about Freeman to the media. This is a fiasco.

So while the Florida State Seminoles and Miami Hurricanes are headed for a showdown in two weeks where it appears both will be unbeaten and ranked in the top ten, and the UCF Knights are charging towards a BCS Bowl by winning the first American Athletic Conference Championship, the NFL will once again be relegated to the back-burner in Florida. These teams are so awful that they could probably move them all out of state and the residents who don’t have DirecTV would help them pack.

Jim Folsom is a regular contributor to