Did the Celtics Have the Draft in Mind All Along?

The Boston Celtics have more NBA World Championships than any team in the league. They didn’t get all those rings by being stupid. They know when to hold’em and when to fold’em.

The Celtics fans probably were wondering what the heck was going on when the team cut ties with long time successful players such as Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce along with championship winning head coach Doc Rivers. Then they were really scratching their heads when the team hired Brad Stevens, the head coach of the Butler Bulldogs to be the new coach. Stevens looks like he is younger than some of the players in the NBA.

Rookies such as Kelly Olynyk and Vito Faverani are seeing a lot of playing time ans the young and inexpensive Celtics are off to an 0-4 start. How convenient that the C’s are this lousy with what is perceived to be a loaded NBA Draft class coming in next year. And another strange coincidence is that their long time rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers who trail the Celtics by only one in Championship banners, 17-16, are also pretty awful looking too.

Isn’t it funny that these two storied franchises are looking so awful this year of all years? This could just be dumb luck I suppose. Just like it was lucky both teams stunk enough in the late 1970s to land Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, right?  The Celtics and Lakers have been very shrewd for as long as any of us can recall. How else do you think the Lakers got Kobe Bryant? They weren’t the worst team when Bryant came out. But they talked the team that was (the Cleveland Cavaliers) into a trade. The Celtics somehow were able to draft Bird before his senior season at Indiana State. How is that even legal? I don’t know, but apparently the Celtics knew.

So is it that hard to believe that the Celtics had this year’s draft class in mind when constructing this season’s team? There is a lot of wisdom in knowing when to be really awful. The Cavs were really awful in time to land Lebron James. Pretty soon they were in the Finals against the San Antonio Spurs. Is it hard to picture a Celtics team in the near future with Andrew Wiggins, Olynyk, Faverani, and Jared Sullinger making a deep playoff run?

We haven’t even seen Wiggins play yet in college ball, but then again we never did see Bryant, James or Garnett play college ball either. From what NBA scouts say, Wiggins is destined to be in their class of NBA stars when he comes out next season. If he does all that in Celtics green, look for some more banners to go up in those rafters in Boston.

Bit don’t count the Lakers out in this draft sweepstakes either, Even if they can’t land Wiggins, there are plenty of impact players coming out in this draft. Julius Randle would make a nice addition to any roster as would either of the Harrison twins, or Marcus Smart, Jabari Parker, etc. If these two teams are bad enough this year, and it looks like they might be, we could be in store for some more Celts-Lakers Finals in the future.

Jim Folsom is a regualr contributor to http://www.bettingsports.com