The Spleaze – Sports Meme and Digital Collage Makers Make Their Mark

SPORTS PLS! That is the mission statement driving the groundbreaking new site – The Spleaze masterminds are working tirelessly every day to bring you fresh sports content; their digital collages and sports memes warp your favorite sports figures, change your least favorite sports moments, and manipulate the sports world as we know it into a cavalcade of comedy and artisanal awesomeness.

If you love digital sports collages and memes, there is no reason not to hop over to the Spleaze and check out some Matt Kemp ire Strikes Back and Yasiel Puig in a Blanket.

They keep up to date with the Sports world – when Phil Jackson  the Zen Master came to MSG, the Spleaze was ready and waiting with their rendition of the Zen Father.

Why are you still reading, when you could be looking?