Here is the Craziest 2014 NBA Mock Draft You’ll See!

So here we are. We have been revering this draft-class of 2014 for I would say five years now. Everybody knows about the powers of Wiggins, Parker, Exum and Embiid. This draft has a chance to produce multiple franchise-changing players, multiple all-stars, and certainly a ton of future starters in this league.

A lot is at stake, and not just a juicy porterhouse from Peter Luger’s. I mean, I’d assume that’s any NBA draftee’s first meal, right? Or maybe some champagne, medium rare.

Without further ado, let us dive head first into my annual NBA Mock Draft.




1.)  TRADE!!!!!!! Orlando Magic: SF Jabari Parker, Duke

Let’s commence the biggest draft in 10 years with a monumental trade. In this scenario the Magic send picks #4 and #12 and a future first round pick to the Cavs for the right to draft Parker.

Why the Cavs do this trade: Ever since Joel Embiid got hurt the Cavs have been indecisive as ever. We have heard they will take Wiggins, Parker, Exum, trade the pick for Kevin Love, trade the pick for Kobe Bryant (kidding) and here we finally see the best value for the pick. The Cavs get two lottery picks to further enhance their team, and or make moves for a Kevin Love or any franchise player on the trading block.

Why the Magic do this trade: The Magic have been searching for a franchise player ever since the Dwightmare days. While Wiggins definitely presents more upside, Parker is more NBA ready. The Magic will have to trade up to get either Wiggins or Parker as neither will make it past the top-3 in any circumstance. If Parker pans out as we expect the Magic have added 20 points per night to their team. With Parker the clear alpha-dog of this team, Victor Oladpio and Nic Vucevic can slide into their better-fit secondary roles. This move can help jumpstart the Magic out of the dweller of the eastern conference and into relevancy again.

2.)  Milwaukee Bucks: PG Dante Exum, Australia

The Bucks have been put in the best decision in the entire draft. There is no decision to be made here, ever since Embiid went down the Bucks have stated that they will take whoever does not go #1 between Wiggins and Parker. However, here I have them taking Exum. Why? Because it has become apparent that the Bucks are more in love with Parker then Wiggins because of concerns throughout the organization that Wiggins and the Greek Freak are not compatible together like Parker would be. So here I have the Bucks snagging the 6’6 guard from Australia, giving the Bucks their first franchise point guard since T.J Ford. If Parker is available here he will be the pick, 100%.

3.)  Philadelphia 76ers: SF Andrew Wiggins, Kansas

The 76ers have made their affinity for Wiggins well known for a year. They blatantly tanked last year for the best odds at winning the lottery. I am not joking… they literally started Hollis Thompson at the 3 and Henry Sims at the 5. If Wiggins is available with the 3rd pick, 76ers GM Sam Hinkie will undoubtedly soil his pants. Wiggins is just their guy and there are multiple reports that the Sixers might trade to #1 just to get him. With Nerlens Noel, Andrew Wiggins, and Michael Carter-Williams (plus another lottery pick at their disposal), the 76ers are armed with enough assets to start trying to actually win games.

4.)  Cleveland Cavaliers: SF Aaron Gordon, Arizona

Joel Embiid is an option here but I think there is just too much pressure on the Cavs to do well and too much risk surrounding Embiid to take him this high. The Cavs cannot afford to whiff again. Gordon has not been mocked by many in the top 4 but I think in this scenario this is the best pick for the Cavs. While Cavs fans have the pipe dream of a team that includes LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, the reality of that team is very slim.

The Cavs now need to turn their attention to the frontcourt, where they need to accept that Luol Deng will not return and essentially they have a juggernaut with Anthony Bennett, Tristan Thompson and Anderson Varejo. Bennett proved last season that he is simply too heavy to play 3 and too small to play 4. While he has the talent offensively to be a solid offensive player in the association his defense just is not there. By drafting Gordon you can really help Bennett because Gordon has the athleticism to make an immediate impact defensively. The Cavs can also use Gordon as a trading chip in a future move. Gordon has the talent to become Shawn Marion 2.0 and offensively the team has enough scorers to be a competitive team. Gordon should further improve the defense with the hope that this team can make a playoff push next season.

5.)  Utah Jazz: PF Noah Vonleh, Indiana

The Jazz would love to sneak into the top-2 and there have been reports that they have even included prized power forward Derrick Favors in the trade talks. In this scenario the Jazz stand pat and thus miss out on Wiggins, Parker and Gordon. With small forward being a position of need some might say Dougie McBuckets might get taken here. However, Vonleh fits perfectly into the Jazz slow-tempo offense. Vonleh is a great inside-out player; he can also attack the basket and post up. Additionally, he is a superior rebounder, leading the Big Ten in rebounding despite only playing 27 minutes a night. With Enes Kanter, Favors, and Vonleh the Jazz have 3 stud big-men and can look to move one for another piece such as a swingman to complete their rebuild.

6.) Boston Celtics: C Joel Embiid, Kansas

The Celtics are one of the most storied franchises in basketball. With such a high standard to always be competitive, of course Danny Ainge is going to roll the dice and draft perhaps the drafts best player. No player in this draft is as polarizing as Embiid, he has been compared to Hakeem Olajuwon and Greg Oden in the same sentence. That in itself is crazy. Ever since Ainge blew up the big three he has been retooling the Celtics. While this pick has huge boom-bust potential the boom is simply too tempting for Ainge to pass up on. Here is your new franchise player, Boston.

7.)  Los Angeles Lakers: PF Julius Randle, Kentucky

If the Lakers do not trade this pick I believe it will come down to Randle or Marcus Smart. Both are going to be great NBA players and both should come in and contribute immediately. I am going with Randle simply because the Lakers have guards under contract for next season. Randle will be an instant double-double machine in the league. While he might have already reached his ceiling, the Lakers need a ready-now played with Kobe Bryant aging and this team needing to win now. Randle will be a perennial double machine and could be a force in the post for years to come.

8.)  TRADE!!!!! Boston Celtics: PG Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State

With the 8th pick of the draft the Sacramento Kings trade Derrick Williams, Jason Terry, and Isaiah Thomas and the 8th pick to the Boston Celtics for Rajon Rondo.

Why the Kings do this trade: The Kings have been the model of how not to run a franchise ever since the Chris Webber, Peja Stojakovic, Mike Bibby dynasty blew up. They simply have been abysmal. This trade puts the Kings back on the map as now if you look at their core players they have DeMarcus Cousins (a stud), Rudy Gay, and Rondo. That is a big 3 that can make some noise, especially if Ben McLemore continues to grow. The Kings also finally acquire an unselfish point-guard that can feed the ball to Cousins in Rondo. This move should solidify the Kings move back into playoff contention.

Why the Celtics do this trade: Let’s face it the Celtics are rebuilding and Rajon Rondo, while he is a franchise player, is not a franchise player that you want to rebuild around. Simply put, he does not have the alpha-dog scoring gene that Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant had when their teams were rebuilding. Rondo is better suited playing a team with other good players that he can help by feeding them the ball. The Celtics also draft a very good and ultra-competitive point guard in Marcus Smart. Celtics fans should be ecstatic if they come away from tonight with a duo of Embiid and Smart.

9.)  Charlotte Hornets: SF Doug McDermott, Creighton

After two seasons in the league it has become apparent that Michael Kidd-Gilchrist cannot shoot at all. While he has value defensively, we’ve learned over the past two years that you simply cannot win a championship without a scoring wing player. This is how McBuckets fits in. MKG can handle the defensive load for spurts of the game and McDermott can handle the offensive load for spurts of the game. It is a symbiotic relationship, people.

10.) Philadelphia 76ers: SG Gary Harris, Michigan State 

This I believe is Embiid’s backfall. He can very possibly fall this far but if he does Philly would gladly take him. Can you imagine a core of Wiggins and Embiid? Scary. Anyway, Harris is a dynamic shooting guard who would be an easy upgrade over anybody the 76ers threw out last season (they honestly should have just played a 38-year-old Allen Iverson and tried to sell tickets). A backcourt of Harris and Carter-Williams could be frightening to opposing defenses.

11.) Denver Nuggets: SF Dario Saric, Croatia

The Denver Nuggets have the talent to make the playoffs and be very disruptive in them. Just two seasons ago with a similar roster, this team had the best home record in the NBA and was a top-3 seed in a very good Western Conference. Management shakeup and injuries killed this team last season. However, with players such as Danilo Gallinari expected to make a full recovery and Brian Shaw in his second season as coach this team should be better then their record last season. While Saric has two more years left on his European contract, the Nuggets can wait because he is a superior talent and the Nuggets have money to spend in free agency. Saric is possibly the drafts best European player, and could have been a top-7 pick had he committed to playing in the NBA. With further development in Europe, Saric can be a steal in two seasons much like Nikola Mirotic will be a steal for the Chicago Bulls this season.

12.) Cleveland Cavaliers: SG James Young, Kentucky

I am not quite sold on Dion Waiters being a starting shooting guard in this league. I think he would be better off in the James Harden Oklahoma City Thunder roll. He has the offensive abilities to be a perennial sixth man of the year. Young can slide in at shooting guard and provide defense and athleticism to the Cavs starting 5 while sliding Waiters to the bench. A draft haul of Aaron Gordon and James Young will make the Cavs one of the most athletically gifted teams in basketball.

13.) Minnesota Timberwolves: SG Nik Stauskas, Michigan The Timberwolves would love to have Stauskas fall into their laps as he is atop their big-board. Stauskas is one of the best shooters in the draft. Assuming they keep Kevin Love for this season, Flip Saunders can run out a nasty team of 3 point shooters that can greatly spread the floor for the magician Ricky Rubio and his fancy passes.

14.) Phoenix Suns: SF Rodney Hood, Duke

The Phoenix Suns were one of the pleasant surprises of the NBA last season. Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic proved to be a helluva backcourt and can be great for years to come. The biggest need for the Suns is an athletic wing, and Rodney Hood fits the bill perfectly. While Suns fans would love to see the Suns stockpile their assets and make a run at Kevin Love I do not foresee that. With a stellar offseason where the Suns have oodles of cap room and a good draft the Suns can be a playoff team next season.

15.) Atlanta Hawks: PG Kyle Anderson, UCLA

Mike Budenholzer the coach of the Hawks is a Gregg Popovich disciple. He saw firsthand how Pop utilized Boris Diaw and how integral Diaw was to the Spurs championship run last season. At 6’9 and playing Point Forward Anderson can be molded into a Diaw type player. While Anderson has high boom-bust potential, it should be expected out of Budenholzer to coach a player with his talent up to his maximum potential. Trust your coach, Danny Ferry, and roll the dice.

16.) Chicago Bulls: PG Elfrid Payton, Louisiana-Lafayette

The Bulls have other needs such as a big man and a winger. However, the Bulls need to start seriously considering life without Derrick Rose. While we all hope Rose returns to MVP form, the fact is he has had 2 major knee surgeries in two seasons and he just might never be the same again. If Payton falls to 16, the Bulls should grab him. Some GMs consider Payton to be the draft’s 2nd best point guard so he is a steal this late in the draft. In the event that Rose cannot return from injury the Bulls will finally have a solid fallback at point guard. Not that watching D.J Augustin and Nate Robinson tear up the playoffs the past two seasons wasn’t not fun (you know you love the double negatives). Anyway…….moving on.

17.) Boston Celtics: PF Adreian Payne, Michigan State

The Celtics kicked off the draft with Joel Embiid and Marcus Smart, two franchise players. Now we see Danny Ainge nabbing the roll players to fill in around them. The big-man situation in Boston consists of Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger. Throwing Payne into the fire gives the Celtics yet another young post scorer. Maybe the Celtics should just hire me to be their GM. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch…

18.) Phoenix Suns: PG Zach LaVine, UCLA

The Suns started with drafting athletic swingman Rodney Hood. Being a good team has its perks, such as taking players in the draft that might need a few seasons of thorough seasoning. LaVine is probably two or three years from contributing real time to the team but if he is developed correctly he can be a force. At 6’6 with a 7” wingspan LaVine can be a dangerous point guard. The trifecta of Bledsoe, Dragic and LaVine in the Suns run-and-gun offense can be deadly.

19.) Chicago Bulls: SF Cleanthony Early, Wichita State

This pick might be a reach as Early is projected by most to be a late first round-early second round pick. However, Early is the epitome of a Tom Thibodeau player. He has an extremely high motor and just does a little bit of everything. Not to mention he is ready to contribute right away. Look for Early to play big minutes this season for whatever team he ends up on.

20.) Toronto Raptors: PG Tyler Ennis, Syracuse

Ennis gets to join the regime. For some reason I just believe that if Ennis is here Drake will have a little more say with this pick then he should. Insert infinite number of instagrams of Drake and Ennis doing their topszn regime thing. On a side note, Ennis will be a good backup for Kyle Lowry this season, and with the Raps being a playoff team already they’ll gladly use Ennis’ clutch shooting.

21.) Oklahoma City Thunder: SF T.J Warren, North Carolina State

So years later it’s set in stone, the Thunder would have traded James Harden for Steven Adams, Jeremy Lamb, T.J Warren, and a year of Kevin Martin… just saying. Warren will provide a nice backup for the MVP himself, Kevin Durant. All the Thunder can hope for is an improved bench through the draft and free agency and an improvement from all of their players. If that happens the Thunder will be title contenders as per usual.

22.) Memphis Grizzlies: SF Jarnell Stokes, Tennessee

Tayshawn Prince is very, very old and Quincy Pondexter is a backup. While the Griz will need to address small forward in free agency as well, it does not hurt to have a player to be developed at the position of most need. Coach Dave Joerger is also big on analytical basketball and Stokes is one of the biggest steals of the draft when looking at it from an analytical perspective.

23.) Utah Jazz: SF K.J McDaniels, Celmson

As I mentioned earlier in the mock draft the Jazz desperately need an athletic swingman. While they would preferably take Stokes or Warren in this scenario, those two are off the board. McDaniels’ high-motor play can provide a nice change of pace from the athletic Gordon Hayward.

24.) Charlotte Hornets: PG Shabazz Napier, Connecticut

The Bobcats have been searching for a backup point guard, last season they had to make an in-season trade for Luke Ridnour due to a lack of depth at the position. Napier and Kemba, the UCONN natty champ boys, are teammates again. Hopefully your favorite team won’t be playing the Hornets in any close forth quarter games. The Hornets have two of the clutchest players in college basketball history on their squad.

25.) Denver Nuggets: C Jusuf Nurkic, Bosnia

This pick belongs to the Houston Rockets but there is speculation that it will be traded so that the Rockets can continue to clear cap space for free agency. I have the pick being sold to the Denver Nuggets. Nurkic is actually a supreme talent whom many consider to be a potential lottery pick. The Nuggets might have found an upgrade at center from Timofey Mozgov and JaVale McGee, however that might not have been too difficult to do in the first place.

26.) Miami Heat: C Walter Tavares, Spain

There is a lot of buzz going around about Tavares right now. The guy is an athletic super-human with a 7’11 wingspan. Yes you read that right. The Heat just got killed on the glass and can really use an inside rim protector going forward. Tavares might never develop any real offensive game, but if developed correctly can be invaluable defensively for years to come.

27.) Phoenix Suns: PF Mitch McGary, Michigan

The Suns love to run-and-gun, and McGary could be perfect for that scheme. While he is never going to be called a physical specimen, McGary can stretch the floor and knock down the trey ball. If his back is healthy, this is a steal this late in the draft.

28.) Los Angeles Clippers: PF Clint Capela, Switzerland

The Clippers will probably use this pick to draft-and-stash a player. Doc Rivers wants to win a championship with the Clippers so he cannot waste his time developing rookies; he is going to bring in as many vets as possible. Capela’s stock has been everywhere; we have heard that he can be a lottery pick or a second round pick. His length and athleticism will get him drafted in the first round, but it might be a few years until we see it.

29.) New York Knicks: C Patric Young, Florida

This pick belongs to the Oklahoma City Thunder but look for the Knicks to attempt to purchase it for them. Phil Jackson has made it clear that he loves Young’s toughness and how he continues to overachieve. It is speculated that the Spurs also covet Young so look for the ‘Bockers to move up one spot ahead of the Spurs to grab Young who bring rebounding and toughness to the Knicks immediately.

30.) San Antonio Spurs: SF James Michael McAdoo, North Carolina

This is a huge fall for McAdoo, who was once considered a perennial top-10 pick. To put it in perspective Chad Ford has him being taken 50th in this draft so this pick is still a reach to some degree. However, if there is one coach who can save McAdoo it is Pop. If Pop can get the most out of Michael McAdoo he will have a freakishly athletic winger who oozes talent. All he needs is the right coach.


The Ten best remaining for the second round:

1. P.J Hariston, D-League SG: Can come onto a team and contribute immediately at Shooting Guard. Needs to keep his personal life in check if he wants to have a successful career.

2. Glen Robinson III, Michigan SF: Took a major tumble in draft stock this year after an unimpressive year at Michigan. Still can come in and immediately contribute offensively to any team.

3. Jordan Clarkson, Missouri PG: Big point guard who can come in and be a backup immediately. Can play multiple positions but ceiling might have been reached already.

4. Jordan Adams, UCLA SG: Painfully unathletic but the dude can flat out score the basketball. Should find his way on some team for this.

5. Joe Harris, Virginia SF: Can score at multiple positions so he should find himself taken in the early second round. Painfully bad defensively.

6. C.J Wilcox, Washington SG: Will contribute immediately on any team. Very athletic and can score the basketball but at 24 years old his ceiling his probably been reached.

7. Nikola Jokic, Serbia PF: Jokic turned heads at the Nike Hoops Summit this season. Analytic guys go gaga when they see him play as he plays very efficient basketball. Could easily sneak into the first round.

8. Spencer Dinwiddie, Colorado SG: Stock took a major hit after he tore his ACL this last season. Dinwiddie probably would have been a first round pick if not for his injury, he is a gifted scorer who can play multiple positions.

9. Jerami Grant, Syracuse SF: Another player whose stock took a major hit this season. Could have been a mid 20s pick instead is almost a lock for the second round. The right coach could help him get his career back on track.

10. Semaj Christon, PG Xavier: Has the size and skill set to be a starting point guard down the road, just needs to develop a little bit more.