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Run by 6 opinionated sports fans with a taste for the distasteful, Jockstrap Journal was crafted by the so-called experts behind JZ Sports. Featuring sports chatter, angry music reviews, and anything else with a pulse of excitement, The ‘Strap is your place for sports honesty.

If you don’t like our driving, stay off the sidewalk. Otherwise, enjoy these gems carved from the depths of Google Images on your right and below.

A classy presentation on the right, this shot-putting hero of cameras represents the culture here at Jockstrap Journal. We here at the ‘Strap are hoping to revolutionize the journalism industry. Journalism doesn’t seem concerned with crafty interviews and potent scripture; it appears drawn to stale material and uncreative writing. For shame.

Oregon opens its 2007 football season at home against HoustonWe continue to chase the truth, like the legend Ken Griffey Jr., about whatever it is that pisses off mascots. As seen here, mascots are a species unlike any other. Like the ‘Strap, they hunt for willing prey.

The Duck may be skipping Aflac classes for a chance at the bear, but he’s more importantly setting a tone for this blog. What is it that ticks off ducks? Screaming bears? Green grass? Red things? What a performance… and what a way to get started.

Image via boydwonder.wordpress.com

Image via boydwonder.wordpress.com

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